The corn germ oil expelling and refining line can procedure various oil bearing materials like corn germ, palm kernel, rapeseed, copra and numerous other oil seeds. You will find gear for oil presses , oil expelling, oil refining and packing in our business.

Corn germ, which is the embryo of a corn plant, different from the starchy nutrients in the endosperm, will be the raw material of corn germ oil expelling and refining line. The oil content of the germ is about 85 percent from the total oil in the seed. Corn oil expelling is always utilizing heated oil expeller machines which may yield as much as 50 percent from the germ oil. Chemical solvent hexane is used to extract the remaining oil out in the pressed oil cakes.

Because the crude oil type the oil expeller nonetheless consists of impurities such as phospholipids, FFA, pigment, off-flavor and so on, corn germ oil refining is necessary. Firstly to filter the crude oil with oil-dreg sieves, then use oil filter for clear the small dregs. Then the oil will probably be pumped into oil tanks or continue to be refined.

Degumming the crude corn germ oil can also be essential. In steam degumming, steam is introduced at a volume of not over 3 percent from the oil and is absorbed by lecithin or other gums cooking oil filter, making them heavy sufficient to become removed by centrifugation. Corn oil is “bleached” with clay that’s been “activated” with acid wash to remove any metals native to the clay. The clay is then removed in the oil by filtration.

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