Obtained from the fruit (both the flesh and the kernel) of the oil palm tree, it contributes to the financial development from the producing countries and to the diets of countless individuals about the world. Oil palms can grow 20 meters tall with leaves as much as five meters long. The totally mature fruit oil palm bears all year long weighing as much as 50kg. The oil content material of palm fruits is as higher as 50 percent. Consequently they need ten times less land than other oil-producing crops. Entirely GM totally free will be the feature of palm oil and palm kernel oil. The planet total vegetable oil output is more than 144 million tons per year and 47 million is palm oil. Along with soy oil, palm oil makes up 60% of globe production.

We provide all of the palm oil manufacturing procedure plant which included, oil extraction plants , palm oil solvent extraction plant and palm oil refinery plant. We are able to supply semi-continuous palm oil pressing gear for and continuity sets of oil gear. We can offer all of the palm oil manufacturing process lines as your specifications. We offer all parts of the palm oil manufacturing line. You can order a part of the line or perhaps a complete line from us.

You can use our crude plam oil processing to procedure all kinds of palms for edible oil. Then you can procedure them through solvent extraction stage. By using chemical solvent to dissolve oil content material contained in cake or the palms. Oil is collected by vaporizing solvent out which is later recycled.

In the palm iol manufacturing procedure, the palm seeds will probably be pre-pressed to get the majority of the oil out. Then solvent extraction will dissolve the rest from the oil leaving only 2% behind. Greater capacity, Lower energy consumption, reduce put on & tear / maintenance and higher extract efficiency are the function of the process. Entrepreneurs can use it as complement equipment to extract the oil remained in cake to obtain extra profit. Raw soybean and some other seeds may be processed via solvent extraction directly.