We provide seed oil expeller machine, edible oil expeller machine and non edible oil expeller machine as KMEC seed oil crushing plant is suitable for crushing all types of oilseeds whether edible or non edible. Made of high grade material, our manufactured machines provide flawless overall performance, are easy to use, are durable and need negligible upkeep. Our edible oil expelling machinery is accessible in various capacities and specifications and at competitive prices.

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Oil seeds crops are crops grown primarily for the oil contained in their seeds. The oil content of oil seeds range from 20% (soy beans) to 40% (sunflowers, rapeseeds) while oil content material of small grains (such as wheat) is only 1-2%. Significant globe sources for edible oilseeds include soy beans, sunflowers, rapeseed, cotton and peanuts. Linseed and castor beans are extracted for industrial purposes. Other utilizes include production of fuel and pet food.

Seed oil may be extracted mechanically utilizing oil seeds crushing machinery like oil expellers. Inside a horizontal cylinder which is capped at 1 end there is a rotating screw in oil production. The screw will extract the oil out of the seeds with pressure by forcing the seeds via the cylinder from one finish towards the other. The seeds are heated up by friction and electric heaters, generally each simultaneously to improve extraction. The seed oil escapes via small holes or slots and the solid remains of the oil press when the cap is removed, the press cake or meal, may be collected via the end of the cylinder. Both the pressure and temperature may be adjusted for different kinds of feedstock.

There are single cylinder selection and also the cage style expeller two types of oil seeds expellers. Single cylinders emit a press cake in a cylinder form, whilst cage-screw style presses expel the press in big flakes.

Salient Features of the Seed Oil Crushing Machinery:

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1.Durable construction.

2.Versatile opening of main cage for uncomplicated maintenance.

3.Multi-stage cooker driver for the conditioning of seeds.

4.Reduced load on bearing with top quality ball and roller bearings.

5.Lower initial investment, simple to install, high yield at low operating expense, effective at extracting oil from all identified oil seeds.

6.Convenient height of worm shaft for convenient maintenance as the worm shaft could be withdrawn without disturbing the expeller drive.

7.We present all of the expellers with independent gear box which guarantee low maintenance, reduced noise levels and less power consumption.

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