The development of stainless steel tube production technology started from the rise of bicycle manufacturing business. The 19th century oil improvement, ships, boiler, aircraft manufacturing throughout the two world wars, and the thermal energy boiler manufacturing following second globe war, the improvement of chemical business, drilling and transport of all-natural gasoline and oil, these all strongly promoted the improvement of stainless steel tube industry in selection, yield and quality. Because the stainless steel tube is inseparable with human life and production actions, stainless steel tube business production technology not only developed quickly but innovatively, stainless steel tube production in the iron and steel industry plays an irreplaceable function.


Stainless steel tube not just applied for transmission of fluid and solid powder, heat energy exchange, machinery parts and containers manufacturing, it’s also 1 kind of financial steels. We can conserve metal 20 to 40% and can make the factory mechanical construction come true via using stainless steel tube to manufacture developing structure frame, pillar and mechanical assistance.

Developing highway bridge with A179 cold steel tube can help simplify construction and may greatly minimizes the region from the protective layer, investment and maintenance expenses may also be decreased for the high quality. Stainless steel tube can change other steel materials partly but absolutely nothing can take the place of it totally. In the improvement of national economy and also the improvement of human life high quality, stainless steel tube plays an irreplaceable role. From People’s daily resources, furniture, water supply and drainage, gasoline provide, ventilation and heating facilities to all sorts of farm machinery equipment manufacturing, underground resources development, nationwide defense using guns, ammunition and missiles, the rockets are all dependent on stainless steel tube.

Stainless steel tube can be divided into a number of kinds around the basis of application.

1.Thermal gear tube. This kind of as general boiler water tube, superheated steam tube, locomotive boiler superheats tube and high temperature high stress boiler tube.

Stainless Steel Tube

2. Pipeline tube. Such as water tube, gas tube, ASTM steel tube using seamless tube, oil pipeline tube, all-natural gasoline pipeline tube, agricultural irrigation water tube and spray irrigation tube, and so on.

3.Other departments using tube. Such as: container tube (high stress cylinder tube and common containers tube), instrument tube, view case tube, needles and medical gear tube, etc.

4.Chemical industrial tube. Such as: petroleum cracking tube, chemical equipment and heat exchanger tube, stainless acid resistance tube, fertilizer using high pressure tube and chemical medium conveying tube and so forth.

5.Petroleum geological drilling tube. This kind of as oil drilling tube, oil tube (square drill tube and hexangular drill tube), oil pipeline, oil casing tube and numerous sorts of tube fittings, geological drilling tube (core tube, casing, energetic drill tube, drill a, based on the hoop and pin connector).

6.Engineering industry tube. This kind of as aviation structural tube (circinal tubes, elliptic tubes, flat elliptic tubes), vehicle half shaft tube, axle tube, car and tractor structural tube, oil cooler tube, farm machinery square tube and rectangular tube, transformer tube and bearing tube, and so on.