Before oil, both edible and non edible can be used after the being subjected to solvent or under both hot press and cold press, it needs to be passed through a filtration system. A number of filtration systems are available in the market and these include plate filter press and frame filter press. A new addition to the filters is the oil press extruder vacuum filter which has been proven to have a higher effectiveness than plate or frame press filtration techniques.

The vacuum filtration system for vegetable oil is capable of purifying all types of oil besides purification, these filtration systems are capable of extracting vegetable oil impurities such as water, free carbon suspensions, deep oxides, acids, pitch and solvents. Making the resulting oil have one even density and have its purity restored. Its capability to handle water, which is often hard to remove, makes this filtration system ideal for oil plants which are targeted to quality.

The design of the filter adopts certain features from the plate pressure filtration system in that during the initial stage, the filter separates water and other contaminants from oil using pate pressure filtration approach since this method is much faster in removing bulky contaminants from the oil. The oil filt rate is then passed a pair of primaries filters and a fine filter which further removes impurities in the oil such asĀ  carbon and fat suspension .this makes the extracted oil have fine granularity and even density.

The next stage is passage of oil through an oil press vacuum filter. At this stage, the remaining impurities will be water which was able to pass through the press stage, and odour. Then, the oil is moved to the third filtration system, in this stage, high vacuum is used to separate water and other trace impurities from the oil. This system also has a steel filter which is able to trap acid in the oil hence making the oil acid free these filters are fast, efficient and reliable for removing trace contaminants from oil . After this stage, the oil produced is free from impurities and if it was used oil, then it will be as good as new.

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Before acquiring a vacuum filter, one should inquire from as many sources as possible on the most appropriate filtration unit. Usage of the unit is also crucial because there are many distinct types of filtration units which are designed to handle different products. Or instance, there exist vacuum filtration systems for used petroleum oils, used cooking oils and raw cooking oil. All these are designed differently so as to make them capable of delivering the best filtration quality. For instance, raw vegetable oil press vacuum filter will not require the second stage identified in the description above since it has trace amounts of free carbon molecules.

Another factor which will have to be considered when looking for an oil pressing machine vacuum filter is the size of the plant and the throughput of the filtration plant. It is recommended that the filter should have an average throughput which is above the press oil production rate so as to avoid delays when the press is working at maximum.