For those who want to acquire the best pellet mills in the market, look no further than KMEC. Over time KMEC has built a fierce reputation in the pellet milling industry such that it does not come as a surprise that its products are it is often referred to as the pellet mill bmw.

KMEC complex is located in Anyang, China and has been in the pellet milling industry for over 20 years. Their supply chain is spread through the globe reaching, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Middle East. The company prides itself as being ISO 2000 certified, thus implying that their products meet universal customer and regulation standards and also the company has measures to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their products. Their specialty is building pellet mills for materials like wood sawdust, straw, grass flour, compound fodder, beet pulp, peat, manure and more. The company has an active research and extension division that has led it to be the de facto leader in production of pellet mills. Through research, they have been able to design and produce mills which are highly reliable and can has a large time span between repairs or maintenance with maintenance costs being low too. Besides this, their mills have energy saving features built into them thus energy is not wasted.

One of the products that is manufactured by KMEC which deserves the name pellet mill bmw is the range of standard pellet mills like the GC-MZLH series which incorporates new features not before seen in the industry such as incorporation of the conditioner which softens the material being pelletized hence allowing the material form even pellets. The plant like its namesake is bmw designed for ease of operation and has multiple speeds which can be controlled by a heavy duty gear box. The plant is made from tough materials hence wear and tear thus it will take ages before there arises the need to replace worn out parts.
The Pellet Mill BMW

KMEC also manufacture smaller flat die pellets for small scale usage such as farm pelleting requirements etc. these devices have over the past few years gained popularity as farmers try to find alternatives of making the animals reduce feed wastage. Thus using these pellet press one can pelletize farm feeds for animals and also waste biomass into fuel pellets hence wastage is nearly nulled. Furthermore this pellet mill bmw has been hardened to handle wood which often requires a higher temperature and pressure. These pellet mills have been designed to discourage the onset of mold and pellet crumbling.

Another worthy pellet mill bmw from KMEC is the mobile pellet mill. At times the raw materials are bulky and thus require an immense effort in moving them to the mill. But due to ingenuity, KMEC say that it would under such circumstances make more sense to take the mill to the raw materials. This plant named ZLBIO-C22 the above stated demands and is as good as any other pelleting machine. This is also suited for a minded small scale pellet milling entrepreneur as the entire mill can be mounted on a flatbed or a trailer and thus allow an individual to move from farm to farm and render the pelletizing services.