Being consist of hammer mill, raw material hoppers, transfer auger, control hopper, inclined conveyor, bagging lane, control panel and vibratory dust extraction system is typical of pellet mill. However, for a pellet mill to work properly, there are three main things that is imperative. These are the moisture content, size of the particle and raw materials. The pellet mill moisture content should always be kept below 16 percent. In order for one to produce pellets of great quality, mechanical pressure is needed to in order to create bind the materials.

However, you should always note that the greater the pellet mill moisture content, the poor the quality of pellets. The pellet mill moisture is inversely proportional to the quality of pellet.When the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, friction can make moisture content vaporize. It’s been proven that the pellet’s quality will start to suffer if the pellet mill moisture content exceeds 16 percent.

  • The particle size

You should always consider the size of the particle of raw materials. This will help you avoid causing damage to the machine. Large particles will cause blockages in the feed mechanism but in extreme cases, it can impair the normal function of the machine. Before raw materials are fed in the mills, they should first be crushed into small pieces. You can do this using hammer mills.

  • Purpose

You should know the reason why you want to buy a pellet mill. This is important as it will help you know the kind of raw materials that you will need to use. In addition to that, the pellet mills can be used at home to make biomass or for commercial purposes.

Pellet Mill Moisture

  • Awareness

Collect enough information of the pellet mill you are going to pay for. Being aware helps you make the right choice of equipment. Doing research before buying the pellet mill is important. This is because there are some manufacturers who are not genuine and you may end up regretting later. In this case, the internet can be of great importance as well customer reviews.

  • Cost

Of great importance in choosing the right pellet mills is the price of the machine. Pellet mill cost is an great factor of buying . Checking the cost of a machine enables you to go for the machine that is able to meet your needs. What you merely need to do to get the best machine is compare the different prices from different manufacturers. Making comparison helps you arrive at a great deal.

  • Source

The source of a pellet mill is also important. This actually helps you save a lot in most cases. You can know whether the company is reliable.

  • Conclusion

Generally, getting the best deal of pellet mill involves a lot of things. One should also check on the pros and cons of that particular machine before buying it. If you consider this, then you will get a good machine that will produce quality pellets.