China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of apple, the apple planting area and output accounting for more than 40% of the total, occupies an important position in the world apple industry. And there is a saying goes as one apple a day keeps the doctor away, people eat more apples got low chance to catch a cold scientists and doctors call apple “all-around healthy fruit”. People like fresh apples for its good smell and taste, plus, apples are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. But fresh apples are not easy to be kept for long, so what to do if you bought too many apples? The answer is you can make dried apple slices. Although dried apples are available on the market or the internet, today we will introduce the ways of making dried apples slices at home because it is easy and delicious. There are only seven easy steps.
1. Select. Of course bruised or rotten apples cannot be used, you’d better pick apples that are smooth, lustrous and ripe or slightly ripe. As for varieties, you can choose whatever you like.
2. Wash. In order to remove dirt and residual pesticides we can put some salt in the warm water and soak the apples selected for 15 minutes.
3. Slice. Peel and core (optional) and slice the apples into 1/2 inch thick slice. The key here is that, the smaller the slices are, the quicker they will dry. Also keep all slices in a uniform size for the same reason.
4. Pretreat. Steam the slices for five minutes then put them in ice water. Then drain and dry them with towels when they are cold.
5. Dry. There are three choices for drying them:
Sun Drying: Line a cookie tray with fine net or a cotton sheet, spread slices on the tray and place in direct sunlight. Turn the slices once a day to accelerate drying. And bring them inside at night to avoid dew collection or a wild cat. This requires climates with 100 degree heat and low humidity.

Making Dried Apple Slices
Oven Drying: Line the racks with cotton sheet and place fruit slices on top. Preheat oven to 145 degree, leaving the door slightly open to allow steam to escape. Use the lowest setting you’ve got. It takes about 10 to 15 hours, but for evenly heat you’ll need to move them up or down periodically.
Food Dehydrator: Arrange the slices on each rack so that air can circulate, turn the dehydrator on and enjoy the aroma. It’s the fastest way to get the job done.
6. Cool. Put drying fruit in a dry open pot in a dry, ventilated location. Stir once or twice a day for 10 days to two weeks.
7. Store. Store in airtight zip lock bags or glass containers kept inside paper bag to protect from light. Store them in cool dry place. Make sure the package is sealed if you prefer to store in a refrigerator.

Now slices of dried apple can be added to your breakfast or you can eat directly.