The electric pellet mill can make pellets from just about any kind of waste material. It can make pellets from wood, sawdust and waste paper. It can also make pellet fuel from most of the farm waste material including cow and chicken manure, grass, hay, straw and many others. You need to pretreat the materials to the proper moisture content. You will make good pellets when you do everything right. The electric power provides all the power that is necessary to chip, crush and compress the raw materials to the best pellets for fuel.

People can make wood pellet and feed pellet with this pellet mill if they want. The good thing is that your energy bills will reduce tremendously and what’s more, one can sell the extra pellets to the neighbors. The only limitation for this pellet mill is that there has to be 3-phase electricity close by and one has to be careful about the cabling. If there are children or pets around, one should be very careful not to leave the mill unsupervised whenever it is in operation.



Electric pellet mill uses electricity, and diesel pellet mill uses diesel engine. Electric pellet mill does work fast and efficient, so we can say it is better. Electric pellet mill machine adopts the latest technology so you can get good value for your money. This electric pellet mill will not consume you much electricity, on the contrary, it uses minimal energy. With the ability to produce about 150kg per hour and being able to go on for 24/7, this pelletizing machine will keep on producing high quality pellets as long as you keep the raw materials flowing into the feeder.


Each wood pellet plant has specifications regarding capacity, electricity needs, weight and others of its own. You should make sure that all the specifications are really followed. If you want to make high quality pellets, only pellet mill is not enough. Others like the situation of raw materials and the condition of rollers and the dies.

Keep the moisture content at 15% for all materials. Keep a constant temperature of between 90 and 95 degrees Celsius and make sure that the out coming pellets are cooled just right. If you have to add binder, do it to ensure a consistent quality of the pellets. You know that the production rates are different as the pellet mills are different. If you would like an electric pellet mill that has a high output, you will find it on order.