The roll forming machine is to make specific section sheet metal molding technology through the configuration to form metal sheet, lateral bending the metal sheet constantly. As an advanced and applicable plate metal molding process, the roll former is a kind of material saving, energy saving, efficiency. In the 70s the performance of roll forming machine had been further improved and elbow tube was successfully developed, and supporting the use of the roll forming machine, they can bend oil and gas pipeline steel tube, the maximum tube bending diameter to 1524 mm. The US started to use vertical hydraulic pipe bender that can bending 6 to 30 inches thickness of all kinds of steel pipe since the 60s. At present in the world, the United States, Canada and Germany and other developed countries have nearly 10 roll forming machine manufacturers, the basic structure is vertical hydraulic, tire mainly formed of pneumatic and hydraulic two kinds. The hydraulic tube by the hydraulic pressure station, compact structure, and hydraulic transmission was stable and reliable, and can ensure that deformation does not happen in pipeline prefabrication process. Pneumatic type structure inner tire features high speed, elbow pipe prefabrication high efficiency.

Roll Forming Machine
Made of the steel plate or steel belt of cold bending forming, cold-formed steel production is the main material of light steel structure. It can be made as very thin wall thickness, and simplify the production process, improve the production efficiency. The roll forming machine can produce with general wall thickness but section of the complex shape of various materials and different material cold-formed steel that hot rolling can’t produce. Cold-formed steel is also widely used in vehicle manufacturing, agricultural machinery, architectural structure. According to the shape of the cold bending channels, angles, Z type, square tubes, rectangular tubes, irregular pipe, rolling door, etc. Cold-formed steel belongs to economic section steel, also is the high efficiency and energy saving material, is a robust new steel variety, it is widely applied in each field of national economy, according to its utility it can be divided into the guardrail board, steel structure, car, container, steel formwork and scaffold, railway vehicle, ship and bridges, steel sheet pile, transmission tower,etc.

Compared to press machine, roll forming machine has better work performance. The roll forming machine is driven by incoming oil cylinder sides frame swings around to finish feeding, and frame through the main bending oil cylinder driving to realize the bending, reverse bending, S bending, H bending and so on processing work. The roll forming machine mainly has hydraulic roll forming machine, automatic roll forming machine, large roll forming machine, program-controlled roll forming machine, steel roll forming machine, etc. In aerospace, architecture, petrochemical, wrought iron doors and windows, water pipes, decoration, petroleum, chemical industry, wastewater treatment, paper mill, roll forming machine can play its role.