Peanut butter device is suitable for uniform, emulsification and comminuting of emulsions, yuo can make delicious peanut butter with it. Peanut butter machine is of advanced design, it can adjust the grinding speed with different needs of different materials, and the user can choose to exchange motor and working condition as different materials. This peanut butter device has high peanut butter making efficacy (comminuting distribution of the emulsion, emulsification, suitable for the equalization, etc), you can adjust the peanut granularity as your needs, 95% is its homogenization. Peanut butter machine is widely used in the industrial production of food such as sesame jam, peanut machinery manufacturer, soy milk, dairy products, beverage, medicine such as syrup, nutrients and traditional Chinese medicine extracts, plasters and so on, daily chemical products such as toothpaste, cosmetics, detergent and so on, chemical products such as pigment, dyestuff, coating, lubricating oil, oil activator and flotation and emulsification of explosives.
Peanut Butter Device

Peanut has a high nutritional value, contains rich fat and protein. It ontains many kinds of vitamins, such as thiamin, lactoflavin, nicotinic acid, according to assay the fat content is 45%, protein content is 24-36%, sugar content is 20% or so. Peanut is also rich in mineral, especially contains amino acids which is essential for human and is helpful to promote the development of brain cells, if you want to strengthen the function of memory, eat more peanuts. Studies find that this traditional foods for most people has some medicinal value and health care function. The zinc content of peanut is higher than other oil crops. Zinc can promote children’s brain development, strengthen the memory of brain function, activate the brain cells of old people, effectively delaying premature aging of the human body, has anti-ageing function. Peanut butter contains a lot of linoleic acid which can reduce the incidence of a variety of heart cerebrovascular disease caused by cholesterol by making cholesterol in the body into bile acid and excrete. Calcium content is rich in peanut, it can promote children’s skeleton development, and prevent bones degenerative diseases of the old occur.

Peanut butter is delicious and popular all over the world, and maybe you will worry about the quality of peanut butter. It is said that in order to make more profit, some peanut butter suppliers use bad peanut kernels. As is known to all, the bad peanut kernels have a bad effect on the human body and health. As our country is a gig peanut producer and we produce a large quantity of high quality peanut and peanut butter every year, you can choose homa made peanut butter. The next problem you should worry about is how to find an effective peanut butter device. There are various types of peanut butter device for industrial and family, I think there will be a good peanut butter cups to meet all your requirement.