People should be familiar with the ring die pellet extruders, because numerous feed enterprises in the domestic and international all use ring die pellet machine extruder. As a result of the raw materials of feed are fine materials, such as corn, soybean meal, cotton meal, adhesion rate is high, on the other hand before granulating there is steam conditioning implement, can soften and ripen the material in advance so as to make better granulating, and this also increase the gloss of the particles. But like straw, wood chip, crude fiber, these materials adhesive rate is low, hard to shaped itself, and if as fuel particles, the high density is needed, so it will need a great deal of pressure to achieve the density of these particles, this has increased the difficulty invisibly.

Because renewable energy is becoming hot since recent years, at the beginning on the market most of the ring die granulating machines to make particles as fuel is evolved by ring die feed pellet machine, so there are still a lot of shortcomings for us to improve. Pellet mill is the professional mechanical equipment to produce high density and fine combustible pellets with biological materials. Biomass materials possess cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin whose structure are relatively loose and low density. When these materials are pressed, they will go through rearrange position, mechanical and plastic deformation. During the process, the wind and twisting between the viscoelastic cellulose molecular make the volume increase and density reduce. Common biological material such as sawdust, peanut shell, corn stalks, straw, cotton stalks, branches, mushroom waste and cow dung are widely used in our daily life.

Feeding way of ring die granulating machine adopts mechanical intimidating feeding, high speed rotating centrifugal distribution into granulating chamber, through the scraper to distribution material, feeding unevenly; flat mould granulating machine is to rely on its own weight materials vertical enter suppress room, can feed evenly. In the mould plate of same diameter, the size of the ring die wheel diameter is limited by the diameter of the ring die, so pressure is also limited; the size of the flat die diameter is not limited by the diameter of mould, can increase the inner bearing space, choose large bearing to enhance pressure wheel bear ability, not only increase the pressure wheel pressing force, and also prolong the life.

Pellet Extruder

The discharging way of ring die pellet mill machine is not so satisfied, the breakage rate is high because of the high rotating speed; flat die pellet machine extruder has low rotation speed, so breakage rate is lower. Pressure wheel regulating mode of ring die granulating machine is to adjust the pressure by the two screws in middle of the eccentric wheel on the press wheel; flat die granulating machine is using thread silk column m100 center adjusting mechanism, top force of one hundred tons, smooth, stable and strike down even pressure. Can use rotation manually and hydraulic pressure automatic adjustment in two ways.