Power, feeding, grinding and separation system make up a mill machinery called wheat mill machine. Serrated roller of roller mill machine of mill machine grinds the grain, its feature is triangle shape form roller teeth paralleled to axis is processed on the surface of the rollers machining cylinder, mill machine which uses this utility model of the roller has crushing strength, high mill efficiency, remarkable energy saving effect, and is not easy to damage rolls.

Constituted of sharing host machine and the rice mill core, the mill machine core, crushing machine core and feed processing machine core that equipped with the host machine, and cantilever shaft connected to the power single-phase motor spindle stretches into the host machine. On the cantilever shaft, the host machine and parts of wheat flour milling are designed related cone, taper hole, screw, screw hole connecting structure, the whole processing machine is supported in the seat.

Gathers milling, crushing, feed processing machine in a body, the structure is simple, compact, lightweight, with flexibility, multi-function, suitable for rural and miniaturization food, feed processing work. Mill machine is consisted of power, feeding, grinding and separation four system; the power system includes motor, pulley, v-belts, spindle pulley and spindle component; feeding system is made up of hopper, limit board and feeding tube; grinding system contains grinding mill body and landing leg; separation system is composed of brush installed on the main shaft, spherical net, pressure screws and frame at the bottom of mill body.

Mill machine adds a lap of bulkhead with the same thickness of gear grinding height at the end of the gear slot of set grinding head moving grinding head of existing cone type of the grinding head. Particles are not full broken from grinding gear cannot get through the bulkhead in this way, particles through bulkhead have received further grinding, and improve the essence of the wheat powder, fine powder quality and rate of mill efficiency, and gear grinding is not easy to be damaged.

Wheat flour mill including engine base and dynamic axis installed in the engine base and grinding cone connect with power shaft, and with the mills of feeding port, the technical scheme is along the axial of the axis, gap adjusting mechanism of mill and grinding mill cone is set. In order to meet the requirements of different users, it can be adjusted according to particles size of materials for processing (such as corn, wheat, etc) and different thickness requirements of processing materials.
Wheat Mill
There is a feeding tube on side of centrifugal discharge shell, above the centrifugal discharge device there is an air outlet, on the other side of centrifugal discharge shell is equipped with row miscellaneous mouth, row miscellaneous mouth is with screen, the screen with cover and lower part of row miscellaneous mouth has conversion valve connected with row miscellaneous tube, can completely remove the with the dust and sundry falling down together with food particles, is of low manufacturing cost and low energy consumption.